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Online Data Storage & Recovery Solutions

eS3 Data is an online systems and data backup and recovery service solution. We host, operate, test and certify IT Systems and Data Backups for online storage and recovery.

Through our online network, secure datacentre and storage facilities, businesses can transfer their systems data and backups for storage and retrieval from our secure online facility. Not only is the data stored online for retrieval when it is required, we also test and recover systems to our facility to certify their recovery.

Our Facility and Services:

  • 7X24 Datacentre located in the GTA
  • Secure Internet or dedicated network links
  • Secure Data Storage - available always for retrieval
  • Flexible Solution - Integrated to use client requirements: SW/HW/Services
  • Operations Management
  • Recovery Testing to our Virtual Systems Environment
  • Client Reporting - Monthly/Weekly/Daily

Features and Key Benefits:

  • Cloud based service - Backups/Data always online for retrieval
  • Critical Systems Disaster Recovery - Tested and Certified monthly
  • Esnure the integrity of data and data backups
  • Reduce Operations and Systems Management Complexity
  • Reduce and Reuse footprint - Eliminated or lowered Tape and Storage use
  • ROI - reduce operations and management costs
  • Managed Services - Operational Best Practices
  • Secure Data Retrieval