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Risk Management & Advisory

Organizations are pursuing exciting new Portal, eServices, Web, Mobile, Wireless, Cloud and VoIP opportunities, they recognize that the security of information and corporate assets are a key business issue in the electronic world. The most challenging part of developing an IT Risk Management Strategy is to ensure that it meets the requirements of the organization. Risk Management and Governance forms an integral part of strategic business management and must be flexible, scalable and cost effective.

We work with our clients to assess their business risks and exposures, develop an effective strategy to minimize risks, assist in the development of a corporate action plan and provide ongoing advisory support.

Information Security Frameworks

When designing an information security framework we focus on:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

Our Information Security Consultants are experienced in the development of information security departments, policies, procedures, risk / vulnerability assessment programs, key performance indicator metrics, architecture and implementation.

Netrus brings 15 years of hands on experience working with our clients to create a security framework that is specifically tailored to their organizations needs.

Security Awareness & Education

Information Security is everyone's responsibility. The key objective of an Information Security Awareness and Training Program is to enhance security by:

  • Heightening employee awareness;
  • Instilling ownership and responsibilities; and
  • Developing skills and knowledge to perform duties securely

Our Information Security Consultants assist management to understand the security awareness needs of the enterprise and assist in establishing priorities and building best practice methods of education and training.

Senior Management Presentations

Information Security is about culture and attitude. Without Senior Management sponsorship and commitment, Information Security Programs are very difficult to implement or maintain.

Netrus is experienced in working with Senior Management and Executives to assist them in identifying and understanding today's technology risks and provide them with a pragmatic approach to minimize risks to corporate assets, information and brand image.

Senior Management's commitment to strong security practices can ensure that security issues receive the attention that they deserve.