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Incident Response & Forensics

Business Risk Analysis, Incident Response Plan and Team Development

As organizations are implementing new Portal, eServices, Web, Mobile, Wireless, Cloud and VoIP solutions, a security incident could cause serious financial losses, customer dissatisfaction, or tarnish a corporate brand image and reputation.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" holds true for determining priorities in a crisis management situation.

We work with our clients to:

  • Assess their business risks and exposures;
  • Understand their risk tolerance level;
  • Develop an effective strategy to minimize risks;
  • Develop and implement an Incident Response Plan;
  • Design an Incident Response Team and;
  • Provide ongoing advisory and support

Incident Investigation and Advisory

Netrus provides its clients expert resources in dealing with Incident Response Management. Whether it is an attempted breach in security, an intrusion to the internal network or Portal, eServices, Web, Mobile, Wireless or VoIP environment, virus outbreak or misuse of internal resources. We can perform the initial investigation and act as advisors during the recovery period.

Forensic analysis and the chain of custody can be maintained during an incident investigation to safeguard potential evidence that may be required in an investigation.

We are available 7x24x365 to our clients to ensure optimal response time in the event of an incident or intrusion.